Tea Poem 茶與詩

The night is old and the day is gone
 Full of stress to dusk from the dawn.
 Giving it up, you’re letting all go.
 All the pain, not letting them show.
 You need a friend, you need an ear
 listening to your joys and your fears
 But you’re alone, no one’s beside
 no friendly souls to secrets confide.
 You’re strong, you will say
 to yourself day after day.
 And every night, you will say
 The stars are still out today.
 But still you know, deep deep down
 You can still bring yourself back around.
 When times are tough and you’re down
 You just need tea to bring you back around.
 All those drinks that you could consume
 Milk for the morning, coffee for noon.
 But none could like a nice cuppa could
 Drag you out from the depths it could.
 The night is young, the day is new
 Joy be plenty and stress is few
 Tea at day and at noon and night
 All the things be beautiful and bright.
 This is a poem, for I say it is so
 But it maybe not, i really don’t know
 I have yet to drink, I need my tea
 Feeling tired, it’s so hard to see.



from https://waiyandean.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/drink/

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